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Trusted Sales Tax Compliance Services

In addition to economic development programs, Strategic Systems also offers non-incentive compliance services. These services will help your business streamline your sales and tax compliance, integrate each department into their role in the process, and provide annual reviews that ensure best practices are followed. We can also support your business during compliance audits, defend against assessments, and assist your business in participating in available amnesty or voluntary disclosure programs.

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Sales Tax Compliance Services

Some examples of the compliance services we offer are as follows:

Compliance Reviews - General Review of Sales & Use of Tax Compliance Procedures, Improvement Recommendations, & Implementation Support for Changes to Current Procedures

Compliance Sampling - Once a Compliance Review Is Complete, Strategic Systems Will Schedule Periodic Reviews to Ascertain Whether Internal Controls Are Ensuring Best Practices or If Changes to Such Controls or Processes Are Needed

Audit Defense - Assistance with Sales & Tax Audits, including Support During Initial Audit, Protest of Assessments, & Negotiations with State Agencies on Reduction of Any Assessments

Voluntary Disclosure - In the Event that Strategic Systems Uncovers a Potential Liability, We Can Assist Your Company in Mitigating Liability through Any Amnesty or Voluntary Disclosure Programs Your State May Offer