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Strategic Systems, Inc. brings a combined 50 years of experience in economic development to our clients. Our staff's unique backgrounds, each bring vital skills to the company, ensuring a broad range of experience and ideas that allows you to receive the best possible results from participating in available programs. We pride ourselves on being experts in the areas we choose to service. We take the saying, "jack of all trades, master of none," to heart and endeavor to continue to practice this strategy to ensure that we are, indeed, masters of our trades. Whether we're helping you with site selection, audits, or negotiating your incentives, we look forward to the opportunity to work with your company and put our unique skills at your disposal.


Strategic Systems would not be what we are today if it were not for our management team. We would like to recognize their great work and contribution to our company.

Robert Slate, President & CEO

Robert brings over 30 years' experience in economic development to the firm. His long-term experience and knowledge base provides a valuable asset. He has worked with many of the services we offer since their inception and continues to be a vital resource in developing new opportunities and expanding existing value for our clients. Robert plays an active role in consulting with chambers of commerce, economic development councils, and other similar entities to provide technical assistance to existing and newly proposed programs to ensure that they run smoothly and as intended. He has been instrumental in providing much needed feedback to assist the relevant agencies with clarifications and improvements to economic development programs.

Stephen Jenkins, Director of Business Development

Stephen brings over 9 years of experience in economic development to his prior public accounting background. That background provides a valuable insight into both the function of the programs we assist our clients with as well as how those programs interact with their in-house tax strategies and plans. As Director of Business Development, he oversees all sales operations and is instrumental in expanding into new areas we can assist our clients. Stephen also works closely with state and local economic development agencies to better understand their growth plans and how those plans can integrate with our client's goals.

Saul Crafton, CFO and Director of Operations

Saul brings over 7 years' experience in economic development and comes from a banking and finance background. His financial expertise allows us to integrate economic development incentives with our clients other goals such as cash flow management and financing. As CFO and Director of Operations, he is responsible for overseeing all operational processes and client engagement. He also works closely with state and local economic development agencies to consult on the strengths and areas of improvement in their economic development strategies.

Carol Martin, Senior Tax Consultant

Carol has over 10 years of experience in economic development and brings years of prior experience as a supervisor for state department of revenue. Her unique knowledge of the processes and requirements of such agencies makes her an invaluable asset to the firm and greatly enhances our ability to liaise with similar agencies to streamline processing time for our client's applications and reports. She is responsible for overseeing the collection of data needed for multiple programs and ensures that our clients are kept up-to-date on our progress and remaining items needed to ensure that deadlines are met.