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Every state has their nuanced incentives, sales tax exemptions, and abatements. These can be tied to your industry, capital investment, or geographic area. Strategic Systems will help your company identify these opportunities and complete a strategic plan to recoup any past savings, capture current opportunities, and plan for your future growth to maximize the savings your company can receive. We also provide compliance assistance with any current sales tax audits and provide a thorough best practice review to provide a detailed plan on how your company's sales tax compliance can be improved.

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Sales Tax Services

Some of the sales tax services we can offer your company include:

Industry Specific Abatements & Refunds - Abatements & Refunds of Sales & Use Tax for Businesses in Certain Targeted Industries & Geographic Areas

Large Purchase Review - Strategic Systems Can Implement a Large Purchase Review Program, Requiring That All Purchased above a Set Dollar Amount Are Reviewed for Overpayments of Sales Tax

Sampling Reverse Audit - Strategic Systems Will Use a Sampling of Sales & Use Tax Transactions to Uncover Potential Refund or Abatement Opportunities & Determine Whether a Full Reverse Audit Is Warranted

Full Reverse Audit - If Sampling Results Warrant, Strategic Systems Can Proceed with an in-Depth Reverse Audit of All Transactions within the Statute of Limitations