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Helping You Transform Your Financial Situation with Training Grants

Keeping your employees trained and up-to-date is a cornerstone of every business. Many programs are available to assist companies with the training of new employees and the recurring training that existing employees require.

Strategic Systems will identify which programs will best fit your business model. We'll then develop and implement a training program that complies with the available programs and file all the reports and applications to implement the programs. The partnerships we'll help you develop with the local workforce and vocational programs will provide you with a pool of qualified candidate to meet your growth needs.

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Training Grants & Incentives

Some examples of incentives and grants for training we can assist your company with are as follows:

New Hire Training - Incentives that Offset the Cost of Implementing & Operating Training Programs for New Employees, Assisting Your Company with Transitioning Entry Level Employees into Valuable Members of Your Workforce

Retraining - Incentives that Offset the Cost of Implementing Training Programs for Existing Employees, Ensuring They Remain Productive Members of Your Company, & Assisting Them with Advancing Their Skill Sets towards New Opportunities as Your Company Grows